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Your name: Eden Nicole Bailey
Your age: 18 be 19 on Sept. 24
Your spouse: I'm single! Gonna be a single mommy!
Your due date: Sept. 15, 2004
Sex of baby: Little girl! :-)
Any additional info: Well, I'm new so I thought I'd post some pics! It's nice meeting all of you! I live in central Ohio. I can't wait till my baby girl is here! I love making new friends!!

I don't know how to do an LJ cut so here are a few pics behind links! Enjoy!! All these pics were just taken a few days ago! I'm 28 weeks along!

My 28 week belly!

Belly Pic # 2

Belly Pic # 3



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Hey can anyone give me any tips on labor and anything else I am gonna be giving birth really soon and I am really scared, but then again I cant wait anymore I wanna hold my daughter soo bad, lol is this normal?

-Thanx, Jeannie
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