jeanettetherese (jeanettetherese) wrote in pregnant_bellie,

32 wks and 4 days

So im going in for my last ultrasound the 18th of this month and will get a more accurate date on how old he is, and I came down to these for his name, either dominick orion james, dominick james, or orion james... so I'll figure that out when I see him! the only complications I had this pregnancy was a bladder infection, nothing serious which is a good thing... but Its going by so fast and knowing I only have 2 more months (hoping hes not premature) its kinda scary but all I want right now IS MY BODY BACK!!! I cant fit into anything my shirts rise to my belly button my jeans wont button... my boobs are huge (that parts fine) but anyways... heres some pictures

 I thought this fit the situation well

and thank god no stretch marks

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